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Tenkū no tō is a game based on the representation of a small yet interesting world filled with loads of hidden mysteries. This project was first made for my little sister but due to the interest it created it should be made available to everyone.


This world — a beautiful flying island surrounded by mounts and clouds seas, may seems like a little piece of paradise to some... But reality is far worse than what meets the eye. Based on an overly simplified concept, but turned into a complex story, the gameplay stands on one thing: the Tower. This mysterious piece of metal shadows on the valleys and seems to await for curious adventurers.

The full story covers pieces of gameplay going from Mech-piloting to PvE A-RPG types events. Choose between two main protagonists: a cool perverted (but helpful) hunter with a mysterious past and a neko-loli Inquisitor with incredible skills. The lore is filled with dark secrets, and the destiny of this world may be heavily linked to its past...

The team behind this project, codenamed 'JMF-Project', is composed of 11 peoples working (on their free time) on this project. We're all students of about 18-21 and this project is on the making since mid-2015.


Lead & code (& everything, really): Loupyboy

Lore scripting & level-design: Titan

3D modeling, level-building & dialogue scripting: Esteubanus

Charadesign: Corbak & Saints

Localization: Haz


Thanks for your interest in our game. Please leave a comment if you have requests or want to join the journey (even as a beta-tester)!

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